Who are we

About anima

Anima is a third-person action-adventure game that focuses on the relationship between the player character and an AI-controlled eagle. In Anima, you take the role of Nio, a young girl who’s reeling from the loss of her village. Alone and untested, Nio must learn how to work together with an unlikely ally to save her family and clan from a terrible fate.
Featuring breathtaking landscapes, unique companion mechanics, temples packed full of danger and intrigue, and the coming-of-age story of a protagonist who must learn to trust in herself and her allies, Anima is a must-play for gamers of all types.

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Latest development

Eagle Flight & Level Design

The eagle flies! Catch up with the latest improvements to Nio and the Eagle and take a look at some newly-grayboxed temple rooms in our second devblog.

Nio & The Eagle: Movement Foundations

Curious about how Nio and the Eagle move through their world? Ellard walks us through the Programming Team’s progress thusfar in our very first devblog entry!

Latest media

Art Spotlight: Nio – Final Model

Take a look at the journey Nio went through until she was ready for release!

One Way Down

It’s been a long, brutal day of climbing for Nio and her companion….

Who are we

The team

Anima was made by university students from HAN University in the Netherlands and the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater in the United States. You can meet our diverse team of audio engineers, artists, designers, programmers, and writers below:

Alex Cline

Project Manager

Alex Hartz


Alli H

Designer - Writer

Anthony Catino


Arno Derks


Bree Marconnet


Cas Couwenberg


Cass Aleatory

Designer - Writer

Elisabeth Marx


Ellard de Koeijer

Programming Lead

Escher Wentz

Designer - Writer

Hendrik Nusselder

Programmer - Integrator

Hugo Kosterman

Audio Designer

Jacques Doeleman


Jake Klein


Jana L Welte

Concept Owner - Artist

Kjeld Thoonen

Art Lead

Lance Pearson

Design Lead

Marco Beijen

Integration Lead

Mathijs Bouwmeister


Maurits Muijsert


Melvin Winthagen


Michael Ploeger

Programmer - Scrum Master

Nathan Frazier

Audio Lead



Silas Praat


Sjoerd van Swetselaar


Stanley Ursem


Sydney Myers


Yoram Janssen